Faith Coat - Single

by Title Pending

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brings new life to your kitchen and bathroom without replacement


released September 28, 2016

Cameron - Vocals, Drums, Lyrics
Ruben - Guitar, Keyboard, Tambourine, Lyrics
Josh - Bass

Recorded and mixed by Scott at Roundhead Studios



all rights reserved


Title Pending Auckland, New Zealand

Cameron McCurdy
Ruben Mita
Josh Rundle

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Track Name: Faith Coat
Peace of mind it comes so slow,
From that place where no one knows,
But there's no rush I'm doing fine.
The storm she lends me sanctuary,
Watch the ships tossed out to sea,
A silent angel dressed in wine.

Sunday evening coming down,
Light the fires all around,
As yesterday goes up in flame.
Ruffled wigs and crumpled flowers,
A thousand ways to count the hours,
Painted faces with no name.

Never thought that it would seem,
My ego drowns my self esteem.
Stop and stare into the rain,
Look away it falls again.
Sitting in my late night shrine,
Empty suitcases and wine.
You wear your faith against the rain,
But it soaks you just the same.

Let's wage a war; the hive mind's a place to start.
Let's all find something and we'll call it an art-
Form. As I'm sat, like an ant.
Watch me die an old man on my knees,
Screaming "I'm still relevant."
I took a bottle, raised it too my head;
Then I got another botttle and I took it to my bed.
And I watched amazed, the world fell apart
Without some something to call an art.
The silence is scary, mind wants substance.
Feet tap, all they want to do is just dance.
Where's the beat, it's not in 4/4;
Life's not so simple, to play without a thought.
You just want to sing and hone in on that note that you wrote,
But where'd your confidence go?
My friend, you left it in the pocket of your coat.

Peace of mind it comes so slow,
From that place where no one knows.
Turn the lights off, sleep again.
Let it rain now, let it rain.